First annual ‘Flagler Film Festival’ this weekend, January 7, 2014

10th Voyage StudiosWhy go to the beach when it’s freezing cold? For the chance to see a selection of independent films from around the globe, that’s why (not to mention that it is forecast to be in the mid-60’s to low 70’s).

This weekend (January 10th-12th),, Florida will join the worldwide group of districts that only has one facet for admission…

Got ya! You thought I was going to go all dark and cryptic with a diatribe on terrorism. Nope, not even close. This weekend will see the first iteration of an event that is planned to become an annual occurrence. The ‘Flagler Film Festival’ will showcase about 50 movies produced outside the lots of Hollywood, Toronto and New Zealand. Movies produced by people for no other reason than to showcase their talent and love of story telling through movie making.

The selections will be arranged into blocks of roughly the same genre and spaced throughout the weekend with rest breaks in between.

10th Voyage Studios, Flagler County’s in house production studio will have famous prop vehicles of recognition on display throughout the weekend as well as opportunities to meet and talk to several of the viewings’ filmmakers. Also scheduled to show are several award winning projects of origin both from Flagler County, Orlando and residents from other areas of Florida.

At the end of showings Sunday, there will be awards given to those responsible for some of the entrants, with a brief celebration, for attendees.

More details and discussions can be found at the festival’s Facebook page.

Because I appreciate your viewership of my works, I would like to further encourage your attendance by providing you with a special discount, available only when purchasing tickets in person. Simply mention my name (Orion Christy, in case you forgot) to be awarded an exclusive “V.I.P. discount” at the ticket booth.

Hope to see you there!

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