2018 Nominations

Jan 12 -14, 2018 Nominations:

The nominations are in! Congratulations to all nominees!!

Best in Florida:
An Orphan in Time, Blink, Caretaker, A Soldier’s Rest, Talk

Best Animation:
The Servant, Christmas Break, The Wednesday Sessions, Light Sight

Best Anything Goes Light:
Jazz Talk Radio, Magic Mouse, The Pen, For Luck, American Sock

Best Director Anything Goes Light:
Carol Pendergrass Caster (Self-Made Man/Rainbow Sunshine Woman), Roberto Cano (Be), TL Westgate (For Luck), Daniel Espeut (Forty Miles to Macon), Jason Allen (American Sock)

Best Anything Goes Dark:
Lady Lillian, Nativity Unscene, Birthday Cake, In-Between, Chasing Titles Vol. 1

Best Director Anything Goes Dark:
Amber Johnson (Lady Lillian), Mark Datuin (Nativity Unscene), Caleb Porto (A Tap Dancer Murders Her Father), Nichole Pacheco (Jeremy), Kevin O’Neill (Swipe)

Best Horror/Thriller:
Swipe, District Quarantine, Slayer AD, Ghost App, Maslow’s

Best Director Horror/Thriller:
Damian Lahey (District Quarantine), Ryan Egypt (Chasing Titles Vol. 1), Eric Long IV (Maslow’s), Adrian Garcia (Thicker Than Paint), James Allerdyce (Slayer AD)

Best Cinematography Drama/Horror:
Swipe, Slayer AD, Birthday Cake, Lawman, Moss

Best Student Film:
Thicker Than Paint, The Pen, Caretaker, Lawman, In-Between

Best Director Student:
Matthew Gentile (Lawman), Christopher Nold (Caretaker), Aaron Ohmstede (The Pen), Nichole Pacheco (Jeremy), Adrian Garcia (Thicker Than Paint)

Indie Auteur:
Christina Carmona (Blink), Scott Mena (I Will Not Return), Lane Brunson (In-Between), Carol Pendergrass Caster ( Self-made Man/Rainbow Sunshine Woman), Caleb Porto (A Tap Dancer Murders Her Father)

First Time Filmmaker:
Lane Brunson (In-Between), Erica Jacques (Code Yellow), Harrison Fuller (Sentiment), Shane Willis (A Soldier’s Rest), Carol Pendergrass Caster (Self-made Man/Rainbow Sunshine Woman)

Most Creative Story:
Lady Lillian, Girl Meets Roach, Magic Mouse, A Tap Dancer Murders Her Father, In-Between

Best Ensemble Cast:
Maslow’s, Talk, Birthday Cake, Nativity Unscene, Miami Love Affair

Best Drama Short:
Chasing Titles Vol. 1, Lawman, A Face in the Crowd, A Soldier’s Rest, In-Between

Best Director Short Drama:
Scott Mena (I Will Not Return), Matthew Gentile (Lawman), Brantly Jackson Watts (Birthday Cake), Dale Metz (A Face in the Crowd), Lane Brunson (In-Between)

Best Feature:
You Go to My Head, Moss, Occupants, Kiss and Cry, Miami Love Affair

Best Director Feature:
Dimitri de Clercq (You Go to My Head), Daniel Peddle (Moss), Russ Emamuel (Occupants), Sean Cisterna (Kiss and Cry), Ralph Kinnard (Miami Love Affair)

Best Actor Short: Phelan Kenyon (Jeremy), Lane Brunson (In-Between), Caleb Lankford (In-Between), Fernando Torres (Blink), Evan Marshall (Maslow’s)

Best Actress Short: Tamala DeJesus (Malsow’s), Tarah DeSpain (District Quarantine), Alison Zatta (Girl Meets Roach), Samantha Spatari (The Smell of Oak), Megan Brown (A Face in the Crowd)

Best Actor Feature:
Svetozar Cvetkovc (You Go to My Head), Justice Leak (Birthday Cake), Mitchell Slaggert (Moss), Ralph Kinnard (Miami Love Affair), Dorian Cobb (Moss)

Best Actress Feature:
Briana White (Occupants), Sarah Fisher (Kiss and Cry), Delfine Bafort (You Go to My Head), Christine Marzano (Moss)

Best Micro-short:The Smell of Oak, 40 Miles to Macon, Be, Sentiment, Blink

Best Comedy:
Girl Meets Roach, Autumn Lovers, For Luck, American Sock, Undatement Center

Best Director Comedy:
Christopher Zatta (Girl Meets Roach), Jason Allen (Autumn Lovers), TL Westgate (For Luck), Jason Allen (American Sock), Chris Esper (Undatement Center)

Best International:You Go to My Head, The Shepherd, Kiss and Cry, Light Sight, Code Yellow

Best Director International:
Dimitri de Clercq (You Go to My Head), Mark Datuin (Nativity Unscene), Sean Cisterna (Kiss and Cry), Hardeep Giani (F**k it, It’s Over), Camille Wainer (Thou Art Dublin)

Best Cinematography International:
Code Yellow, You Go to My Head, Water, Be, Kiss and Cry

Best Cinematography Documentary:Thou Art Dublin, The 4th Kingdom, F**k It, It’s Over, Code Yellow, Water

Best Documentary:
Five Awake, Thou Art Dublin, The 4th Kingdom, F**k It, It’s Over, An Undeniable Voice

Best Director Documentary:
Joust can de Wiel (The Shepherd), Camille Wainer (Thou Art Dublin), Adan Aliaga & Alex Lora (The 4th Kingdom), Hardeep Giani (F**k It, It’s Over), Price Arana/Adam Rothlein (An Undeniable Voice)