2017 Nominations

Jan 13 – 15, 2017 Nominations:

The nominations are in! Congratulations to all nominees!!

Best Documentary Feature
After Sandy, Nathan East: For the Record, Daddy Don’t Go, Struggle & Hope

Best Directory Documentary Feature
Joe Minnella (After Sandy), Chris Gero (Nathan East: For the Record), Emily Abt (Daddy Don’t Go), Kari Barber (Struggle & Hope)

Best Documentary Short
Parivara, Groaning from the Soul, The Call from the Sea, Another Sky, Death and Life

Best Director Documentary Short
Tanin Torabi (Invisible Point), Alex Kruz and Alex Lora (Parivara), Taylor McNulty (The Call from the Sea), Steven Schoen (Groaning from the Soul), Gregory Alosio (Death and Life)

Best Cinematography Documentary
Finless, Struggle & Hope, The Call from the Sea, Nathan East: For the Record, Daddy Don’t Go

Best Comedy
Shadows in the Dark, What the Doctor Ordered, Espionage 101, Umbrellas Kill, Fill in the Blanks (Texte a Trous)

Best Director Comedy
TL Westgate (Shadows in the Dark), Yvonne LaBarge (What the Doctor Ordered), Noah Debonis (Espionage 101), Joe Pomarico (Umbrellas Kill), Chloe Marcais (Fill in the Blanks)

Best Actress Comedy
Keana Marie (Espionage 101), Audrey Noone (What the Doctor Ordered), Florence Maury (Le Risqué Zero), Kelly Quinn (Shadows in the Dark)

Best Actor Comedy
Christopher Roach (Umbrellas Kill), TL Westgate (Shadows in the Dark), Danny Leonard (Espionage 101) Hugues Boucher (Le Risqué Zero), Sean McPherson (What the Doctor Ordered)

Best Drama
The Stairs, The Telegram Man, Manifest Destiny, Good Morning, Unspoken, Dead Sharks

Best Director Drama
Hakym Reagan (The Stairs), Mark Datuin (Still Closed), Michael Chan (Cavities), Brian McKinley (Good Morning), Todd Sandler (Unspoken)

Best Cinematography Drama/Thriller
12 Kilometers, The Telegram Man, Undertaking, Postcards, Manifest Destiny

Best Actor Drama/Thriller
Eddie Jemison (Undertaking), Drew Rausch (Unspoken), Adam Keng (Cavities), Ara Woland (12 Kilometers), Luke Cook (Good Morning)

Best Actress Drama/Thriller
Amanda Powell (Manifest Destiny), Diana Murphy (Good Morning), Rachel Comeau (Manifest Destiny), Nia Fairweather (Paralysis), Katie Morrison (Unspoken)

Best Horror/Thriller
Fils, Chateau Sauvignon: terroir, 12 Kilometers, Paralysis, Undertaking

Best Director Horror/Thriller
Cyrus Neshvad (Fils), R. Shanea Williams (Paralysis), David Maire (Chateau Sauvignon: terroir), Mike Pecci (12 Kilometers), Kevin James O’Neill (Undertaking)

Best Animation
The Idea Thief, Notorious Corn, Valerie & Veronica, Cuerdas (Strings), Borrowed Time

Best International
Invisible Point, Baits & Hooks, Postcards (Postales), Cuerdas (Strings), La Vie, Last Days

Best Director International
Nic Barker (Dead Sharks), Javi Munoz (La Vie), Alex Lora & Alex Kruz (Parivara), Mark Datuin (Forgive Me Father), James Francis Khehtie (The Telegram Man), Tanin Torabi (Invisible Point)

Anything Goes Light
Fill in the Blanks (Texte a Trous), Postcards, Everybody Loses Someone, I Hear the Future, Talking to Myself, A Love by Your Side

Best Director Anything Goes Light
Scott Mena (Talking to Myself), Dani Alva (The Idea Thief), Bella Herrera (Life of a Student), Pierre Gaffie (20 Meters of Love in Montmartre), Philippe Lacoeuille (Le Risqué Zero)

Anything Goes Dark
13th Hour, Star Child, Resolution, Manifest Destiny, Mismatch and Lighter

Best Director Anything Goes Dark
TL Westgate (Resolution), Christina Carmona (The 13th Hour), Mark Datuin (Mismatch and Lighter), Michael Chan (Cavities), Tommy Demos (Star Child)

Indie Auteur
Audrey Noone (What the Doctor Ordered), Mark Datuin (Still Closed, Mismatch and LIghter, Forgive Me Father), Dead Sharks (Nic Barker), William Bajalia (Shoelaces), Paul Alexander (A Love By Your Side)

Best in Florida
Talking to Myself, Espionage 101, Shadows in the Dark, Star Child, Finless

Best Student Film
Frankenstein’s Light, Life of a Student, Finless, Shoelaces, Cavities

Best Student Director
Mohammad Saad Nawab (Frankenstein’s Light), Bella Herrera (Life of a Student), Gabriel Souza (Finless), William Bajalia (Shoelaces), Michael Chan (Cavities)

Best Ensemble Cast
Resolution, Manifest Destiny, Shadows in the Dark, 12 Kilometers, Mismatch and Lighter

Best International Cast
20 Meters of Love in Montmartre, Forgive Me Father, Baits and Hooks, The Telegram Man, Fils

Best Cinematography International
The Telegram Man, Invisible Point, Parivara, Postcards, Last Days

Best Actor International
Fernando Guallar (Postcards), Xavier Tort (La Vie), Adrian Milan (Forgive Me Father), Antonio Chamarro (Last Days), Jack Thompson (Telegram Man)

Best Actress International
Nadia Santiago (Postcards), Edna Fontana (La Vie), Manuel Rubio (Manuel), Annette Schlecter (Antoine), Sarah Cunningham (Still Closed)

In addition, Audience Choice Awards will be presented in the following categories:
Drama, Comedy, Horror/Thriller, Documentary, Anything Goes Light, Anything Goes Dark, Animation, International