2016 Nominations

Jan 15 – 17, 2016 Nominations:

The nominations are in! Congratulations to all nominees!!

Best Student Short:
The Emotional Dimensions of the James River, Troy, Picking Up the Pieces, The Kleptomaniac, Hop Skotch the Funk Dumpling

Best Actress Drama:
Keana Marie/Posthumous, Megan Brown/The Deepest Cut, Rachel DuRose/The Deepest Cut, Kim Shaw/Animals, Piper de Palma/Ride or Die

Best Actor Drama:
Joshua Walsh/Hop Skotch the Funk Dumpling, Peter Haig/Posthumous, Dan Liebman/Crossing Paths, Bobby Kenney/Crossing Paths, David Dastmalchian/Animals

Best Actress Comedy:
Audrey Noone/A Warming Trend, Phelan Dinverno/Jangled, Amara Harnish/Fixed, Cristina Soria/Far Off Places, Tarah DeSpain/Soccer Moms in Peril

Best Actor Comedy:
Alek Balobek/Experience Needed, Dave Jia/January’s Waiting, Rodrigo Saenz de Heredia/Far Off Places, Brandon James Sim/Basted, Steve Day/A Warming Trend

Best International Production:
Fixed, Basted, Carne de Gaviota, Appalachia: Mountaintop to Moonscape, Far Off Places

Best Cinematography/Documentary:
Appalachia – Mountaintop to Moonscape, The Emotional Dimensions of the James River, Coastal Dune Lakes, Mount Lawrence, Extra Innings

Best Cinematography/Drama or Thriller:
Posthumous, Animals, Troy, Carne de Gaviota, Ghosting

Best Director Drama:
Dale Metz/The Deepest Cut, Noah DeBonis/Posthumous, Collin Schiffli/Animals, Paul Medico/Crossing Paths, Khadif Sanders/Hop Skotch the Funk Dumpling

Best Director Horror/Thriller:
David Karner/The Killer Inside, Felipe Espinosa/Carne de Gaviota, Damian Lahey/Soccer Moms in Peril, Kevin Boon/Ghosting, Scott Mena/12:36

Best Director Comedy:
Audrey Noone/A Warming Trend, Burleigh Smith/Fixed, Denise De La Vega/January’s Waiting, Mark Datuin/Basted, Paul Hardway/Jangleg

Best Director Documentary:
James Iverson/Extra Innings, William Allen/No. 2: Story of the Pencil, Wesley Shrum/Women of the Storm, Elam Stoltfuz/Coastal Dune Lakes, Soren Sorenson/My Father’s Vietnam

Best Drama:
Ride or Die, Animals, Crossing Paths, The Deepest Cut, Posthumous

Best Comedy:
A Warming Trend, Jangled, Fixed, Basted, Far Off Places

Best Horror/Thriller:
Ghosting, Soccer Moms in Peril, 12:36, Carne de Gaviota, The Killer Inside

Best Documentary:
Remember Better When I Paint, Ron Pope: One Way Ticket, My Father’s Vietnam, Mount Lawrence, Extra Innings, Time Simply Passes

Best Student Documentary:
Blivits!, Picking Up the Pieces

Best Ensemble Cast:
Basted, Carne de Gaviota, Posthumous, The Perfect Dish, Genevieve

Best Anything Goes Light:
The Cherry Drops’ Far Out, Chinese Princess, The Perfect Dish, Spot On, Islands Without Car

Best Anything Goes Dark:
The Deepest Cut, Protocol, Crossing Paths, Experience Needed, Genevieve

Best in Florida/Documentary:
Time Simply Passes, Blivits!, Hymns of Three Cities, Coastal Dune Lakes, Extra Innings, No. 2: Story of the Pencil

Best in Florida/Shorts:
Lasting Memory, Jangled, Soccer Moms in Peril, Spot On, Nature

Indie Auteur:
Gene Derochers, Scott Mena, Kelly Teacher, Dale Metz, Jon Skocik

Audience Favorites (announced at the end of the festival) in the following categories:
Comedy, Drama, Documentary, Horror/Thriller, International.

Thanks to all the fine cast, crews and filmmakers who brought us these wonderful films!