2015 Nominations

Jan 9 – 11, 2015 Nominations:

Best of Anything Goes/Shorts:
Water, The Cherry Drops Outta’ Sight, Columbia Steps, Dinner, The Conversation

Best Ensemble Cast:
The Debt, Visionary, Dirty Justice, Posey, Sexcut

Best Actor Comedy:
Stefan Perez -Tough Case, Nando Roman – Dirty Justice, TL Westgate – Dirty Justice, Matt Florio – Sexcut, Ramon Torres – Jordan’s Jackhammer

Best Actress Comedy:
Christina Carmona – Dirty Justice, Shauna Bloom – Knock Her Socks Off, Camille Giuffre -Zugzwang, Anna Smith – February, Mariam Hernandez -Runner

Best Actor Drama:
Brady Ecklund – The Drowned Man, Ibragimov Ramis – Pechorin, Luc Spada – The Legacy, Stephen McElwain -Visionary, Charlie Haid – One Armed Man

Best Actress Drama:
Cherise Boothe – Contamination, Nino Varsimashvili – The Little Things, Melissa McMeekin – Visionary, Evalena Marie – Visionary, Anna Arlanova for The Story of M

Best Student Comedy:
Superdate, Martian American, Tough Case, Forget the Milk, February

Best Student Drama:
Into the Night, The Drowned Man, Life in Darkness, Scapegoat, Time Capsule

Best Foreign Film:
The Little Things, Pechorin, The Story of M, Indigo, The Legacy

Best in Florida:
Sexcut, Knock Her Socks Off, The Debt, A Good Short Life, You Belong to Me

10th Voyage Studios Award:
Scapegoat, The Debt, Life In Darkness, You Belong to Me, The Cherry Drops Outta’ Sight

Best Production Value:
Pechorin, One Armed Man, A Good Short Life, The Drowned Man, Visionary

Best Director Drama:
R. Shanea Williams – Contamination, Per Krogh – The Drowned Man, Paul Jerndal – Indigo, Tim Guinee – One Armed Man, Ben Proulx -Visionary

Best Director Comedy:
John Johnson & Dean Bruggeman – Knock Her Socks Off, TL Westgate – Dirty Justice, Stefan Perez -Tough Case, Dan White – Stop Leak, David Broitman – Sexcut

Best Documentary:
You Belong to Me, That’s Not Funny, A Good SHort Life, Start Up is the New Black, Net Positiva

Best Director Documentary:
Judith Hagin – You Belong to Me, Stewart Lippe – A Good Short Life,
Mike Celestino – That’s Not Funny, Peter Cambor – Net Positiva, Ruth Hellerman – Water

Best Horror.Thriller:
Into the Night, Deadtona, Kick, Inhabited, Knock Knock

Best Director Horror/Thriller:
Christopher Cox – Knock Knock, Scott Mena – Deadtona, Kate Li- Into the Night, Trent Duncan -Inhabited, Marcus Warren – Kick

Best Comedy:
Dirty Justice, Tough Case, Knock Her Socks Off, Forget the Milk, Sexcut

Best Cinematography:
Net Positiva, The Drowned Man, One Armed Man, Visionary, Indigo

Best Drama:
One Armed Man, Visionary, The Debt, Contamination, El pintor de Sombras

Indie Auteur:
Stefan Perez – Tough Case, TL Westgate Dirty Justice & M-Theory, Dan White – Stop Leak, Scott Mena -Deadtona, Audrey Noone – Race Card