2014 Winners

Jan 10 – 12, 2014 Winners:

Best Feature:  “The Idea Thief” (Jonathan Skocik)
Best Comedy:  “Mama Needs a Ride”  (Matt Florio)
Best Production Value:  “The Drop Off”  (Adam Chitayat)
Best Short:  “Cootie Contagion”  (Josh Smooha)
Best Documentary: “In the Footsteps of Willie Sutton” (Richard Gold)
Best Foreign:  “Made in Belfast” (Paul Kennedy)
Best Horror/Thriller:  “The Beach House” (Patrick Russell)
Best Made in Florida:  “Master of the U”  (Lisa Gottlieb)
Indie Auteur:  Matt Pye  “In a Field of Weeds”
10th Voyage Studio Award:  ” TechSquad”  (TL Westgate)